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Shooting in Scranton...AGAIN! - Lilith Von Love in her hottest shoots ever!

Lilith Von Love liked our work so much, she booked us again recently. We made arrangements, hopped on a plane and headed back to PA. Armed with our trusty camera gear and a bunch of new ideas, we were ready to do some more cool stuff! When working with Lilith, we always have a blast and she's full of creative ideas. We shot with paint, glitter & (fake) blood on this trip. - Needless to say, we got a bit messy! 

Here are a few shots from the art we created.


Lilith Von Love & Sleight of hand Barbers

If you follow us on social media (see links at the bottom of our site) you're probably already aware that we took a trip from Memphis up to Scranton, PA this past weekend. We went with the intention of doing some planned shoots with various models but due to unforeseen circumstances, not all of the models were available. Nevertheless, we re-grouped and adjusted our game plan accordingly. 

We began with our planned shoots with Lilith Von Love   ( , an alternative fashion model from the area that we have been fans of for a while and she is also a fan of our work so this panned out nicely. We shot a variety of styles with her and she had loads of crazy ideas! (just the way we like it!)  - See more on our Flickr page.

During our time in PA, we drove with Lilith to Prospect Park just outside of Philly to see our friends - Sleight of Hand Barbers ( where we did a promo shoot for their small (but awesome) barbershop and had them styled as a 1920's/30's barbers. We had an absolute blast during our time up north with everyone involved and we hope you'll love the work we produced! 


If you've read this far, thank you and we look forward to providing you with more fantastic shoots in the future! 

Christmas Couples shoot

Chloe and Erik came to us with the idea of a lumberjack themed shoot for their Christmas card photographs. We discussed their ideas and what exactly they wanted, they decided on using Shelby Farms park as the location and didn't want to do the same old bland, serious, ugly sweater thing. We had an absolute blast working with them and can't wait to create some more great images with them soon! 



Photoshoot with "Rollergirl31"

While we were in Nashville earlier this week, Becca (instagram @Rollergirl31) did a shoot with us downtown. She was absolutely brilliant to work with and we got some great images!



Flobots @ City Winery, Nashville TN - Halloween show

We drove from Memphis to Nashville on Monday to catch Flobots set at City Winery. We had a fantastic time thanks to the venue staff and the Flobots fantastic crew & management.

We're looking forward to seeing them all again next time they roll through! 





STS9 - New Daisy Theatre, Memphis TN October 27th 2016

We were privileged enough to see STS9 last night in Memphis. They put on a spectacular light show and played some fantastic music! - Think RUSH if they wrote with synths, samplers and live instruments and you're pretty much there with STS9. 


A three hour long set and a lot of running about (for us anyway) ended up in a great night and a lot of happy people!